While the underlying causes for metabolic disorders such as type-2 diabetes are manifold, obesity has been identified as a major risk factor for metabolic disease. Adipose tissue serves a role in both causing and curing whole-body diseases.


Specifically, we’ve targeted mitochondria-rich brown and beige fat and their potential to regulate glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity. At our lab, we aim to uncover the molecular circuits that regulate energy homeostasis, along with the functions of adipose tissues in metabolism.

In the spring of 2020, our lab moved from USCF to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School in Boston! 




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In the coming years, we would like to better understand the mechanisms by which brown and beige fats lead to an improvement in systemic glucose homeostasis, as well as the transcriptional and epigenetic networks that facilitate their development and maintenance.  We hope our research will revolutionize the present understanding of metabolic regulation and improve current treatments for insulin insensitivity.